I love doing these in-home newborn sessions. There is so much newness and freshness to everything. I remember feeling like it was just a haze the first few weeks. “Is this real life?”  It is such a surreal time when you’re adjusting to parenthood, and having so many emotions, and you wonder if life will ever feel “normal” again. It does! I promise all of you new moms out there, life will feel normal again!

    Being able to document these first little moments for families though, is seriously something I am so happy to be able to do! I hope these photos will always bring a smile to your faces, and memories of when everything felt out of place but so perfect at the same time!


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This wedding has to be one in the books for me. I traveled all the way down to North Carolina in early December expecting the weather to be in the 50’s MAYBE 40’s. I was hoping to wear a fall coat, or maybe even just a sweater! Finally, I was getting out of the cold!  Wow, was I wrong. It was like a record breaking snow storm for them. To us Canadians, it’s no big deal…. 6 inches of snow pfft… We deal with that on the daily.  But to people in North Carolina, it is the biggest deal! I don’t blame them, as they don’t have snow removal like we would in Canada.  I’m not going to lie… the roads were BAD. No one knows how to drive in the snow, no one has snow tires, and no one is ploughing or salting the roads. Apparently I was the only vendor that did not call the bride and ask if the wedding was canceled! Thats how bad it was to the. The result, you ask? The maid of honour/hairdresser/MUA got stuck in the snow, and had to have someone pick her up. So, Sophie didn’t start getting ready until I think about 3 hours after the planned time. Lets just say, we had to rearrange the entire schedule to make room for photos before it got dark at 5, and probably only about a quarter (If even) of the guests were able to make it. 🙁 I felt so bad for them, but I’m telling you guys….Nick and Sophie focused on the positive aspects of the day, the fact that they were getting married. I was blown away at these two and their attitudes. You would never guess from the photos that their day was nothing like they expected.

Even though more than half the tables were empty at their reception, it didn’t stop them from having a blast. Also, they had breakfast for dinner! Yeppp.. Waffles, sausage, bacon, eggs… Yum

Also, incase you missed Nick’s amazing gift to Sophie that I posted on Facebook and Instagram, scroll down to read the story. You won’t want to miss it!



Okay you guys, this has to be one of the top three moments I have ever had the privilege to photograph. I’ve seen a lot of gifts exchanged on wedding days, but none of them have compared to the gift that Nick gave to Sophie. Ya, I was crying when she opened it. I was trying so hard to get a grip so I could see through my viewfinder, but I honestly don’t think you could have been in that room and had a dry eye. He wrote her 20 handwritten letters for her to open on various occasions of their life together. All the way up until retirement. The first was labeled “To my wife on our wedding day.” Others were, “ To my wife on the day we buy our first home, and on the day we have our first child.” 😭 You could tell these two were very serious about the life long commitment they were about to make to each other, and It was a beautiful thing to witness. ❤️


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Hey All! I am so excited about this post, because I can’t wait to show you guys what my newborn sessions will be like! I will only be offering IN-HOME lifestyle sessions, so if you’re looking for those cute little naked posed pictures, I’m not what you’re looking or. Don’t get me wrong! I think those photos are so cute, but there are far more qualified and talented photographers that specialize in that kind of photography, and I would be happy to point you to them!

My sessions will involve very little prep from you. In fact, I encourage you not to have your baby ready for me. I want to spend the morning with you, photographing you giving your sweet baby a bath in the kitchen sink, and getting them ready for the day on their change table. We won’t worry so much about the baby sleeping, and just photograph you living life with a newborn. If you have other littles, they will be in there too! Pull up a chair for them to watch you get your baby changed, or maybe I can even photograph you making breakfast for your other littles. I want to capture the chaos! I want to photograph you rocking your baby in their rocking chair, or snuggling them on the couch. What amazing memories you will have for them! Not only to show them how cute and loved they were, but also the house they were brought home to.

Please click the “Let’s Connect” button at the top of my website for more information on these sessions!

Enjoy the cuteness!





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Location: Grandbend, Ontario

Venue: Dark Horse Winery

Hair: Soul Shears

MUA: Lemon Beauty Bar

Florist/Decor: Garden Gate Gifts & Florals

Dress: Sophie’s Gown Shoppe, London

Invitations: The Paper Bride




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Wow! Can this wedding season be coming to an end already? It all seems like a blur, and sadly I have been focusing so much on getting my client’s images to them, I have not had time to blog any of these gorgeous weddings. I have so many amazing weddings to show you guys, and Sam and Hailey’s is no exception! I’ve been dying to share so many images from this wedding. I’m still in the thick of things with wedding season, but I thought I would take a break from editing and have some fun with a blog post!

Venue: Whistle Bear Golf Club

Dress: Amanda-Lina’s Sposa Boutique

Event Decorator/Florist: Rachel A. Clingen

Hair: Studio So Lara

Invitations: Shutterfly



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