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Vic & Alisha | Scarborough Bluffs Engagement Session

When we arrived at the bluffs for this session, seriously every parking spot was full. We luckily managed to find what seemed to be the last two parking spots left! I was starting to get nervous because of how busy it was. “Will there be people in the background of all their images?”, “Am I going to have to spend hours and hours photoshopping people out of the background?”, “We didn’t seriously just drive 3 hours to take photos on what seemed to be the busiest day of the season!”. These were all thoughts that went through my head, but I knew no matter what, we were doing them. We had just drove 3 hours to shoot at this location, and whatever we had to do, we would do it! Haha

Luckily, the part of the bluffs we walked to wasn’t THAT Busy. There definitely were people around, so we just had to shoot in a small section to avoid sunbathers, and inflatable row boats in the background.

In the end, I didn’t have to photoshop a single person out of the back ground, and I’m IN LOVE with the photos!

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